Erotic Quickies (Couples) – Short Story Compilation Vol. 1

DISCOUNT: 25% off three (3) stories

This is a compilation of previously published short stories depicting couples with sensual, sexy and steamy tales of sex and yes…love.

This compilation of sensual and erotic short stories include:

Amber Carr’s life was on the fast-track to nowhere. Her aspirations for becoming a dancer were quickly dwindling, along with her money and her love life. At this rate, she’d soon have to pack up and go back home, leaving the city and her dreams behind…until she was trapped on the elevator with the hot and sexy Brent. Maybe living in the city wasn’t so bad, after all.

When Nick and Juliette reunite for an expedition to find hidden treasures rumored to be hidden by his distant relative Captain Kidd, Nick learns hidden treasures aren’t always silver and gold.

Lana and Peter’s marriage is on the brink and divorce seems to be the only thing in their future. But can Lana’s last ditch effort to save her marriage awaken all their senses and rekindle their love for each other or should they call it quits?

WARNING: This is an erotic short story for 18+ ONLY!

All scenes of sexual intercourse depicted are between consenting adults over the age of 18